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John Clephan

Project Director
Sheffield Housing Company (SHC) (Confirmed)

John Clephan is Project Director at Sheffield Housing Company, a joint venture partnership between the local authority, Keepmoat Homes and Great Places Housing Group. The Company is building mixed tenure housing schemes on council land across Sheffield. John has 20 years of experience in housing and economic regeneration. He joined Sheffield Council in 2006 to lead the delivery of the housing market renewal programme in the north of the city and was part of the procurement team that selected the private sector partner to set up the Sheffield Housing Company in 2011. He led on the Council’s contractual and partnership role with the SHC up to 2016, when he was appointed as Project Director for SHC itself.

  • Gaining insights into a successful joint venture between Sheffield City Council, Keepmoat Limited and Great Places Housing Group delivering innovative housing and regeneration outcomes
  • Discussing the benefits of partnering with private contractors to build low-cost homes
  • Bridging the gap between local councils and private developers to align industry expertise with locally owned land
  • Meeting the regeneration challenge: making the best use of assets in low value areas
  • Designing homes that can adapt to the changing needs of the population