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Laura Carmody

Head of Insights
HACT (Confirmed)

Laura joined HACT in July 2017 as Head of Insight and Product Development. Prior to this, Laura spent two years at East Thames housing association as a business analyst with an emphasis on performance management and business transformation. Laura’s work at East Thames was focussed on the effective use of business information and working with the business to improve their use of performance indicators and reporting for operational and strategic decision-making. She also worked on projects relating to data standards and data governance within the organisation. Before joining the social sector, Laura had a diverse working career including teaching in an innovative free school in East London, using Socratic teaching methods to enable her students to become independent thinkers. She also holds a PhD in Geology, with a focus in Volcanology, and spent a year working in the University of Tennessee destroying diamonds and moon rocks with lasers; all in the name of science.

  • Merging 850 datasets to develop a mapping tool that helps housing associations gain insights into community impact, value and land development
  • Deploying descriptive and predictive analytics tools to determine the factors that contribute to business performance and growth
  • Harnessing Big Data sources to assess the impact of numerous variables on financial performance
  • Establishing a data standard amongst housing associations to grow data sharing and improve data quality practices